Our Renewed Sense of Direction

finishing the hole
finishing the hole

Years of wilderness canoeing and backpacking have taught us not to fully rely on electronics. Even though we have a lovely GPS, one of us always carries a map and compass. The same goes for Azura—there will always be charts and old-school navigation means on board. With that in mind, we bought a beautiful new compass.

To say that I’m a little apprehensive when Bryan breaks out the saw and starts cutting holes in the sailboat might be an understatement. I was also concerned about the other wiring behind but Bryan, who once worked in the electrical field, had tidied all of that up.

The compass came with a template that he taped on. We both stood back and looked at the alignment to be sure that it was properly placed. He plugged in the shore power, donned his tools and set to work.

shiny new compass

The first step, was to drill the holes. Then he began to cut. The depth sensor was in the way of the jigsaw guide so he had to carefully lift above it. After a few minutes, he had the perfect hole for our shiny new compass. Timing was perfect as clouds were moving in and the forecast was for a deluge.

Another lesson learned… neither of us thought to cover things up in the galley or close the companionway until after the sawing was complete. What a mess! There was fibreglass and wood in practically every crevice and even in the icebox. I cleaned up while he put the new bit of gear in place.

I think this might just be the shiniest thing on Azura at least for the moment.  We chose this particular style of compass because it has a light for night sailing. It may also be viewed from both the cockpit and inside the cabin.

PS The weatherperson was wrong and the rain held off.