Gear Reviews

sextant for navigation

Here are some of the products that we will be testing throughout the sailing season.

Omnia – an oven designed to work on alcohol stoves

Cobb Kitchen in a Box – it’s a grill that does so much more

Aeropress – for those times where we don’t have shore power and need a java fix

JavaJug2 – accessory for the Aeropress – perfect for multi-cup brewing

Groshe –  DUBLIN stainless steel French press

SunRocket – solar water heater and thermos

Nimbus PFD – an approved pfd for children 30 to 60 lbs

SEAsoned: A Chef’s Journey with Her Captain – a sailor’s cookbook written by Victoria L. Allman

Dish & DUER’s Stay Dry Denim with Rainshield™ – jeans that resist the wet, are lightweight, and breathable

Once these products have been put through the rigors the reviews will be shared via the blog but there will be an index on this page as well.

Please note: We are very particular in what gear we choose to write about and are not monetarily compensated for any review or endorsement.  Some products reviewed, including books, have been purchased at retail, some at a reduced price, some are on loan, and some were received for from the manufacturer, their distributor, or a company’s PR firm as a courtesy.  We cannot guarantee the condition of any gear being returned to a manufacturer because of the rigorous testing process that some items go through.