The Galley

lemon rosemary turkey meatballs
lemon rosemary turkey meatballs

My friends and family know that I love to cook and I’m known for being a bit of a gourmet,  even on our wilderness camping trips. My experience with that has translated well when it comes to creating great meals in the tiny galley on our sailboat. Many people might be intimidated by the thought of cooking and baking on a two-burner alcohol stove and only having an icebox, but I hope to show you that you can create incredible food with limited equipment.

I’ll be posting tips, techniques, galley related gear reviews, food reviews, and recipes on the blog and will have a full index on this page as well.  Also, if you have any sailboat-friendly recipes you would like to share, please email me via

Bon Appétit!

PS If you happen to have a vintage Optimus 45 backpacking stove that you want to part with I’m looking for one.